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Aug 21, 2019
Explosive CONDITIONS & RULES (Last change on May 12, 2020)

By purchasing our service, you agree to our rules. These points can be changed at any time by consultation with the administrators. This also means that you should check regularly whether something has changed or not. We can make changes to these general terms and conditions without your knowledge.

1. After accepting the terms and conditions, you are not entitled to a refund!

2. We have no control over if Rockstar does anything in the background which causes our mod menu to be discovered suddenly. In addition, we are not Rockstar Games and cant unban your accounts as we have no connection to Rockstar Games in any way.

3. If you have been banned, you are responsible for knowing that modding in GTA Online is never 100% safe before using the Mod menu. Ultimately, it is still up to you how you position yourself in GTA Online, because we cannot influence.

4. There is nothing we can do about it if you are banned by changing the anti-cheat system because we have no control over it.

5. If you have been banned, you are not entitled to a discount because you have agreed to it, as you have agreed that no discounts will be granted, as stated in paragraph "3 & 1". This also means that if you get banned, there will be no refund. Because this means that our product is directly "used".

6. Without any technical evidence that the Modmenu does not work for you, there will be no refund. Unless it really doesn't work for you, we will refund the entire price. But ATTENTION: If you bought the mod menu with gift cards, you will not receive a refund if you have problems with the mod menu!

7. You agree to all future and current changes and not changes to the general terms and conditions.(Bearbeitet)

8. If we believe that you are at risk for our mod menu, we can permanently exclude you from our service without a refund. There will also be no advance warning before you are banned from our services. After all, we have the last word and therefore make the final decision.

9. We can complete the project at any time without refund.

10. We can make changes to forum users, mod menu and other services at any time without you knowing this. Unless it's about an update or a hotfix, you will get a message on the respective platforms where we are active.

11. We accept no liability if you experience any disadvantages as a result of the purchase.

12. If you have been banned, you have to tell us in detail on our Discord server how it came about. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything without informing us on the Discord Server.

13. You are not authorized to share Explosive's menu files with third parties. If we find such a case, we will immediately apply Parapraph "10" against it. In addition, this is then classified as "data theft" and can even end with a lawsuit!

14. It is not permitted to change or falsify the menu files by programs. Except for private use. If this is public, we are also entitled to apply Section 10 against them.

15. Use recovery options at your own risk. These include RP, Money Stealth, UnlockAlls and possibly Money Drops, all of which can trigger a ban. We accept no liability if you have been banned.

16. Insults, lies or hate speech are immediately punished with exclusion from the community. This applies to normal players as well as to the staff members. Some respect MUST be shown!

17. If you change your hardware or reinstall Windows, you can request a hardware ID that is reset at least twice a week. By default, the entries for the hardware ID are reset every Sunday. If you are prompted more than twice, you need to review this behavior. If the unusual behavior persists, we will have to suspend your VIP entitlement.

18. An exclusion from the Discord also means an exclusion from the forum.

19. The transmission of cracks or malicious files within our community will be punished immediately, excluding all of our services. We can also block IP addresses. If such cases occur, our side will have very hard consequences!

20. It is strictly forbidden to share the menu with third parties! The activities are a matter of course for us and can immediately mean an exclusion from our services. There is one exception: if it is your own brother or a person in the same household, tolerance is shown.

21. If you try to attack our services, we automatically receive the IP from which the attack originated. This is immediately blocked by our services and handed over to the police, as this is a crime.

22. If you have forgotten your key, and you are a VIP user, all you need is proof of the purchase (example the Bill) or proof of access to the affected account. As a rule, your key will then be reset manually by the support.

23. If tickets are continuously opened, even though which ones already exist or are spammed, then this can be handled with a lock in the ticket area. Be patient when creating a support ticket. The support will give you an answer to your question / problem as soon as possible.

24. If you contact the Explosive support, then it is your duty to disclose all the necessary information so that our support team can help you as specifically as possible. No personal data has to be disclosed, just your key so that the support can verify it when asked.

25. If a player pretends to be an admin and asks you for your private information or something similar, please report this to support IMMEDIATELY. No administrator will ask for your data! So never share your data with third parties.

26. We will no longer issue a refund! This is especially not the case with Paysafecards, Amazon or Steam. Only with PayPal, here the buyer protection applies. We will not endeavor to win a buyer protection application, we will disclose all the information necessary to make a fair decision on the buyer protection application.

27. The Discord Server is mainly for VIP users only. All VIP users can verify themselves in the forum with a small check. If the verification does not work, please contact our support team. So they are then manually invited to our Discord server and you are given the rank manually.

28. If we suspect fraud, this will be immediately punished with a ban from all networks. We don't tolerate that!

29. Please note that support also has a private life. For this reason, there are certain times when you can contact support.

30. Something can always go wrong. As soon as we notice that something is getting out of hand, we can shut down the whole menu until we find a solution. This can also take place unannounced and without any warning.

31. In the launcher, the user can reset his HWID every 72 hours. Our administrators monitor continuous changes and support requests for further HWID requests. If several HWID resets are required, you can be blocked. After a careful review, we will decide if you will stay banned and for how long.


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